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Civil Litigation Services online are currently only available for California residents. If you reside in Nevada and need Civil Litigation Services, please contact us.

  • Look for the service you are interested in below and click the title of the service to get started! 

  • Services require that you fill out a short 5-10 minute (or less) questionnaire.

  • All of  your information is kept secure with SSL encryption and world-class server infrastructure so you don't have to worry about the security of your information.

  • Last but not least, most of our services come with a 24 hour turnaround guarantee, so that you get your first set of documents from us in 24 hours or less, all ready for you to sign right on your computer or smartphone.

If you have trouble filling out a form or are looking for a service not currently supported, please contact us.



We prepare and file your small claims complaint with the court for you. You provide basic information and we use that to draft the complaint and file with the court. In California, a Plaintiff that is a business may only sue for a maximum of $5,000, and an individual may only sue for a maximum of $12,500.00. Any claims exceeding this amount should be filed as a Civil Complaint.*

*48 Hour Turnaround. Filing fee of up to $75 payable to Court separately. Fee for Personal Service of Documents Not Included



A California Civil Complaint is filed with the court to sue an individual or business. The Complaint is filed and must then be served on the Defendant who has 30 days to file an answer to your complaint. A Civil Complaint may be filed for any amount of money, however smaller amounts under $12,500.00 may be filed as a small claims case instead.


A Civil Answer is filed with the court after you have been sued by an individual or company. You have 30 days from the date you were served to file and serve an Answer to the Complaint. A Civil Answer is used to either admit or deny parts of the Complaint and also list any defenses you have to the lawsuit.​​

*48-72 Hour Turnaround. Filing fee of up to $435 payable to the court separately


24/7 Email Support:
Phone Support: 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. PST
Ph. (310) 281-6971; Fax (310) 281-6972


Receive your first set of prepared documents in just 24 hours and sign them right on your computer or smartphone. *Applies to most services.

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