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What is a California Request for Order?

​​A Request for Order is a formal request made to the court asking that it enter an order for Child or Spousal Support, Custody and/or visitation. This method is used only when you already have an existing family law case, such as a Divorce, Legal Separation or Petition for Parental Rights. You can use this method to obtain a brand new order where one has not been made yet, or to request that a modification be made to an existing order.


Normally the process requires that paperwork be filed, a hearing obtained and the other party served with the paperwork. You may represent yourself at your hearing or if you choose, you may have an attorney represent you.

What We Do for You

  • We prepare the documents required for a Request for Order, including the actual Request, a Declaration, Custody/Visitation Attachments if necessary and an Income and Expense Declaration if Necessary;

  • We serve your spouse by mail with a paid return envelope back to us for simple processing and return. In some cases personal service is required, but normally the included mail service will suffice.

  • We file all necessary documents with the court for you, so you don't have to!;

  • We provide your documents to you for review within 24 hours. You and your spouse can also e-sign your documents right from your computer or smartphone;

  • We check on the status of your case and update you until the court enters your Divorce judgment;

  • We provide phone, chat and email support so you always have a way of contacting us;

  • Fill out a short questionnaire and we can get started on your documents right away!


24/7 Email Support:
Phone Support: 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. PST
Ph. (310) 281-6971; Fax (310) 281-6972


Receive your first set of prepared documents in just 24 hours and sign them right on your computer or smartphone. *Applies to most services.

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