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Divorce In A Digital World

What comes to mind when you think of Divorce? Often times this generates the image a couple, either fighting it out in court or spending time in a stuffy attorney's office. Neither

of these scenarios are the norm anymore. With the advent of e-signing and the evolution of the law allowing the acceptance of digital signatures, a Divorce is something you can do right from home. Never has it been easier to get a divorce. When people find themselves at that juncture of life, the last thing they need are a million hurdles to jump over and many time-consuming requirements to zap their strength and deplete their energies.

How We Are Revolutionizing Divorce

At Freelance Paralegal Services a team of legal document assistants and

paralegals stand ready to prepare your divorce documents and send them

to you within 24 hours. You return them with your e-signature and we

have our couriers dispatched to the courthouse to file them on your

behalf. You won’t have to meet with us, nor endure a lengthy wait the way

people obtaining a divorce had to do years ago. Yes, this is a leap forward

from the images of couples fighting it out in court or wrangling for rights

and power in a stuffy attorney’s office. Neither of these scenarios are the

norm anymore. In addition to handling custody, visitation, child and

spousal support; Freelance Paralegal Services can prepare your documents

for a summary divorce, regular divorce with no children or regular divorce

with children. Domestic partnerships are included in our suite of divorce

services. Although divorces can be disruptive to your life, getting the

documents prepared and filed is a breeze these days, especially if you

choose us to help you.

In addition to divorces and other family law cases, Freelance Paralegal Services handles civil litigation, business formation, and estate planning. In order to obtain our services, a customer simply fills out a 5-10 minute questionnaire on our website. All information is kept strictly confidential and secure by our staff and through the use of SSL encryption and world class server infrastructure. Once our specialists prepare your documents, you have the convenience of signing them on your PC, laptop or smartphone.

We make divorces and other document preparation as hassle-free as possible. We have become a top-of-mind document preparation service. Many customers return to us for additional services after we handle their first set of documents for a specific need.

Making Change For The Right


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Stun Your Readers

We began to participate in e-signing as a green initiative. By reducing the

amount of paper that we use, we reduce the impact on the environment

and cut back on the amount of greenhouse gases emitted. You may not

know that 40% of wood pulp goes to the production of paper. Think of it

this way: 40 reams of paper equals 1.5 acres of pine forest absorbing

carbon for 365 days. We estimate that we have saved approximately 120

reams a year from 2011 to 2016. That's a total of 600 reams of paper

or 22.5 acres of trees saved!

Starting in September 2011, we began using a new service called

HelloSign, where clients receive sign and return documents remotely and

electronically. All documents are digital and the signing process is easy and

only requires a mouse or even just your finger to sign if you're on a mobile

device. Intake packets, worksheets and legal documents can all be signed

and returned to us using this method. We have seen more than a 50%

reduction of our paper usage! Which not only helps reduce the impact on

our environment but helps us reduce our overhead, helping us continue to

offer competitive prices to those who need our services and want to cut

down on cost.

Passing On The Savings To You

Let’s face it, attorney fees are going up all the time. With Freelance Paralegal Service’s fast

document preparation by a dedicated staff with 25 combined years of document preparation experience, you can obtain services equal to what high priced attorneys demand. To dissolve a marriage or domestic partnership that has existed for less than five years with no children, assets or debts from the marriage, Freelance Paralegal Services charges a flat fee of $499.

For a regular divorce with no children from the marriage and assets and debts from the marriage we offer a flat fee of $599.

Domestic Partnerships or marriages with children, assets and debts from the marriage comes with a flat rate of $699 for document preparation and filing.

Whatever your document preparation needs might be, Freelance Paralegal Services follows your case from end-to-end.

Customers can reach us at our email address and get support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Email us at or reach us by phone from 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. PST at (310) 281-6971.

For more detailed information about the suite of services available at Freelance Paralegal Services or to get started on your request for services, visit

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